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Always smooth and dry! Superb moisture absorption & quick dry! OLENO Kids Mask

Always smooth and dry! Superb moisture absorption & quick dry! OLENO Kids Mask

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No stuffiness! No slip-down! No sore ear-backside!

Comfortable Kids Mask was developed based on the feedback from children and their parents.

Parent's trouble - "New etiquette to wear masks in public VS Concern about heatstroke caused by mask-wearing" that what this mask can solve. Numbers of children tried the prototypes on and gave many feedbacks. Based on the sport mask developed for runners OLENO Kids Mask is breathable and dry-touch even in humid summer. Light in weight, the garment fits along the curve of your face perfectly. High sweat-absorbent provides “evaporative cooling".

It is machine-washable and can be used repeatedly. Double-layer structure enables to insert a non-woven sheet in between.

Note this is not medical device and does not have an ability to block virous or pollen dusts to come in. It is for preventing droplet spreading and exposure to allergen.

Please hand-wash before use. The washing creates certain shrinkage that provides proper fitting.

Size: S 18cm x 11.5cm

Please hand-wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumbler dry.

If skin irritation occurs, please stop using.

polyester 68%, nylon 29%, polyurethane 3%

From the manufacturer: all masks are manufactured under an integrated production system at company's on-site factory in Japan.

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