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Bottle Cooler Black & White

Bottle Cooler Black & White

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Camping with family, friends and the precious one, or even just at a usual supper table - OLENO Bottle Cooler adds both function and gaiety to a table.

[Utilize “evaporative cooling”]. The temperature drops through the transition phase of liquid water to water vapor (evaporation). The liquid takes the heat from the object it contacts. It is called “evaporative cooling”

Knitted with special chemical fiber, the OLENO Bottle Cooler keeps your bottle of wine cool utilizing the evaporative cooling.

[Testing Result] Room temperature 25 °c, two wine bottles filled with water (9℃), One in a Bottle Cooler and the other is as is. 4 hours later, the temperature of water in the bottle covered with Bottle Cooler increased by 7.2 ℃ while the other increased by 10.9℃。

polyurethane75%, polyester 18%, nylon 5%, polyurethane 2%

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